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If you have questions please call the Middle School Office at 732-968-1051.

Please see the link below for updated student & staff guidance on illness and attendance.


Current Health Issues (please click below):
Flu/Influenza Update
Center for Disease Control Information for Parents about Flu/Influenza

MANDATORY VACCINATIONS for 5th grade students entering 6th grade on 9-1-17:
1. Students must get the TDaP and Meningitis vaccines after their 11th birthday and before 9-1-17 to enter 6th grade.
2. A copy of your child’s immunization record must be sent to the school nurse ASAP or before 9-1-17.

If you child has a birth date after 9-1-17 then you have up to two weeks after that birth date to get the vaccines and send the immunization record to the nurse.
Immunization Requirements Reminder Letter

1. “White” Sports packet is due by August 15th!
2. Forms NOT received by due dates means No participation at try-outs!
3. Every sports season you need to hand in paperwork for participation in a sport.

Winter Season: Basketball forms are due by October 15th
Spring Season: Baseball, Softball and Track forms are due by February 15th

All athletes must hand in either the white Sports Physical packet or the salmon colored Health History Update form.  No forms, no try-outs! Sports forms can take up to two weeks to process. Don’t hand them in late!

Compare Allergy, Cold and Flu Symptoms?

The following chart can help you compare cold to seasonal allergy symptoms:

Symptoms Cold Allergies FLU
Fever Rare Rare Characteristic, high (100-102 degrees F); lasts three to four days
Headache Rare Sinus congestion, sinus headache Prominent
General Aches, Pains Slight no Usual; often severe
Fatigue, Weakness Quite mild Tired from restless sleep Can last up to two to three weeks
Extreme Exhaustion Never Never Early and prominent
Stuffy Nose Common Very Common,
watery discharge
Sneezing Usual Very Common Sometimes
Sore Throat Common Common from
post nasal drip
Chest Discomfort,
Mild to moderate;
hacking cough
Cough is common from post-nasal drip Common; can become severe
Complications Sinus congestion
or earache
Bacterial Bronchitis Bronchitis, pneumonia;
can be life-threatening
Prevention Good hygiene 24hr Allergy medication as per Private Care Practitioner (PCP) Annual flu shot or FluMist
Treatment Only temporary
relief of symptoms
See PCP for treatment;
Daily 24hr. Non-drowsy allergy medication
See PCP for treatment;

Antiviral drugs within 24-48 hours of onset

Keep your children home if in the last 24 hours they have had:

  • a temperature of 100.0 F or higher
  • symptoms of the flu
  • nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • shortness of breath, chest discomfort
  • extreme exhaustion, fatigue or weakness
  • rash on hands, feet or eruptions (pustules) inside the mouth

Reference: CDC,NIH, WebMD, NASN

Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
EPI-PEN or Auvi-Q exposure to very cold (<56 F) or very hot (>86F) temperatures will decrease drug effectiveness!!!! The manufacturers of Epi-pen state: it’s important to properly store Epi-Pen® to help ensure it’s ready to use in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

  • Always store Epi-Pen® in the carrier tube with the safety release on until you need to use it.
  • Keep Epi-Pen® at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.
  • Epi-Pen® can be exposed to temperatures between 15°C to 30°C. (59°F to 86°F).
  • Do not keep Epi-Pen® in a vehicle during extremely hot or cold weather.
  • Protect your Epi-Pen® from light.
  • Submerging Epi-Pen® in water can compromise the delivery mechanism.
  • Occasionally look through the viewing window on your Epi-Pen® to make sure the solution in the Auto-Injector is not brown in color. Replace your Epi-Pen® if the solution is discolored or cloudy.
  • If Epi-Pen® has not been stored according to the above storage recommendations, using the Auto-Injector cannot be recommended.
  • Epi-Pen® is a medical device that contains glass and should be handled with care.