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Committee and Representation Assignments

President: Jean-Louis Kong
Vice-President: Janine Potter

Representation Assignments

Assignment Representative
Somerset County Ed Services Commission Andrea Ferrante
Watchung Hills Regional High School Janine Potter
NJ School Boards Association Jean-Louis Kong
Somerset County School Boards Association Zhi Chen
Legislative Officer Jean-Louis Kong
PTO Liaison Andrew Zimmer & Michelle Cruz
Green Brook Education and Athletic Foundation Michelle Previtera
Township Liaison Andrew Zimmer
Municipal Alliance Andrew Zimmer


Committee Assignments

Andrea Ferrante (chair)
Zhi Chen
Catherine Kelly
Yuqing Feng

Personnel & Policy:
Mr. Kong (chair)
Ms. Cruz
Mr. Zimmer
Ms. Kelly

Ms. Cruz (chair)
Ms. Potter
Mr. Zimmer
Dr. Previtera

Mr. Kong (chair)
Ms. Potter
Ms. Ferrante
Ms. Cruz