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Web Posting Guidelines

Third-Party Posting Guidelines for gbtps.org

Community Bulletin Board

The district maintains a community bulletin board on the main landing page of the gbtps.org website. Posting to this bulletin board is governed by relevant district policies, regulations, and the protocols listed below:

  • The community bulletin board (CBB) is reserved for non-district-affiliated organizations that are relevant to the Green Brook Township Public Schools audience. (For information regarding district-affiliated organizations, see below.)
  • The district is under no obligation to post community notices; the service is offered for the good of the community and may not always be available and/or may be discontinued at any time.
  • All postings to the CBB must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.
  • To submit for approval, send your posting copy, images, and contact information to webmaster@gbtps.org.
  • To allow time for approval, information must be received 10 calendar days before your requested posting.
  • Community postings are not cross-posted to the district’s official Facebook page.
  • Community postings will be included in the weekly Bengal Beat newsletter, but the district will not email out individual community events.
  • Community postings will not be “bumped” or reposted for visibility.
  • Postings on the community board are a reflection of the school district and may be refused for any reason, including but not limited to appropriateness, schedules, and quality of materials submitted (e.g. copy with grammatical/spelling errors, unappealing artwork, etc.).
  • The district reserves the right to edit submissions for formatting purposes.

District-Affiliated Organizations

District-affiliated organizations are those that have a mission that directly serves the school community. As such, the posting rules for these groups are slightly different than non-affiliated organizations. At this time these organizations are:

  • Green Brook Parent Teacher Organization
  • Green Brook Education and Athletic Foundation
  • Watchung Hills Regional High Schools
  • Green Brook Township

Organizations may be added to this list at the discretion of the Superintendent.

For district-affiliated organizations, all the above rules apply, with the following exceptions:

  • Postings from these groups will be placed in the appropriate district and/or school news sections of the site, not on the community bulletin board.
  • District-affiliated news items will be cross-posted to the district’s Facebook page.
  • Upon request, and with the approval of the Superintendent, news items from district-affiliate groups may be emailed to GBTPS families through the district’s email messaging system.
    • The messaging system is meant for important/emergent items, and overuse for routine items can cause recipients to ignore future emails or flag them as spam. As such, emails on behalf of district-affiliated groups will be limited to one per week.
    • The district will not send phone/text notifications for district-affiliated groups.