Home Transportation


Note that during the first few weeks of school route times may fluctuate. Please be at the assigned bus stop at least 10 minutes before the designated pick-up and drop-off times. The buses picking up and dropping off your students will be either a Kensington bus or an STA bus. They will be clearly marked with Green Brook and the route number in both front passenger windows.

Green Brook Late Runs from WHRHS

The safety of our students is always a top priority and we recognize that transporting students adds an extra level of risk. All of our bus drivers are licensed and required to take a safety course geared specifically toward transporting school students.  All children who are transported to and from school by school buses will be sent home on their school buses unless the school is notified IN WRITING by the parent that the parent, or some other person specified, will pick up the child at school. Under no circumstances will a verbal message from a child, or another person, be accepted to release a child from riding his/her regular bus.

Students who miss their bus at dismissal should return to the main office immediately for assistance. Parents/guardians will be contacted to confirm alternative transportation arrangements.

Students may only ride on their assigned bus. Because of legal and safety issues, the school district will only provide transportation from home to school/school to home. No alternative destinations will be permitted.

Parents/Guardians of IEF students must be present at drop-off stops for a child to be released from the bus.

Children who are walkers are not permitted to ride school buses from school to a friend’s house or some other destination.

For questions, please email transportation@gbtps.org or call (732) 968-1171 (option 3).