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GBMS One-to-One Laptop Program


Green Brook Middle School has a 1:1 (one-to-one) Chromebook program for students in grades 6-8. I am very excited as we continue to support all our students as they develop into self-directed learners. Students in grade 6 – 8 will be assigned a specific Chromebook that they will use as a resource/tool throughout the school day. Students will take these devices home to continue to use as resource. Our teachers are excited about this opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom walls.

I have attached a document that will further explain the 1:1 program. With the help of our Technology Department, a Q&A section has been included in order to answer some of the questions you may have.

What is most important is that all students in grades 6-8 must bring back the attached Anti-Big Brother Act form which must be signed by you, the parent. This form is available in the Genesis Parent Access portal. Students will receive their assigned Chromebook from their PGC teacher when the signed form has been returned to their PGC teacher. We would like all forms by the start of the second week of school. A paper copy of the form will also be given to each student as another reminder.

If you have any questions about the 1:1 Chromebook program, please do not hesitate to email the Technology Department at parenthelp@gbtps.org.

GBMS 1-to-1 Laptop Program Overview and Q&A

Anti-Big Brother Parent Acknowledgement Form (print, sign, and return)
James B. Bigsby, Ed.D.

Principal of Green Brook Middle School
Green Brook Township Schools