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Green Brook Middle School
132 Jefferson Ave.
Green Brook, New Jersey 08812
Phone: (732) 968-1051
Mrs. Alicia Subervi, Principal

The Green Brook Middle School (GBMS) serves students in grades 5 thru 8.

Orientation Video

Student Handbook

GBMS Student Handbook


Student Arrival Times: 8:02 to 8:10 AM

Dear Parents and Guardians: Please plan to have your children arrive at Green Brook Middle School between 8:02 AM and 8:10 AM. The First Bell will ring at 8:02 AM.  The Second Bell (Tardy Bell) will ring at 8:10 – all students must be in class to avoid being marked late.  Students are not supervised prior to 8:02 AM, and are not permitted to enter the school building without a guardian.

During the winter months, it is very cold for the early arriving students to remain outside, so please plan to have your child arrive when the school is open. This is not an issue for bus students. They are held on the buses until the 8:02 bell. If a teacher has made special arrangements for extra help or morning detention, the child is to report directly to the teacher’s classroom. Parents are to escort their child into the building and be sure that s/he is safely with the teacher.

After 8:10 AM (Second Bell), a student is considered late for school. A student arriving after Second Bell is to report to the office to receive a late pass to class. Per BOE policy, five tardies will be considered one unexcused absence.

Upcoming Events

A PDF of the full school calendar is available at this link.