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BYOD Instructions

GBTPS staff, students, and visitors may “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and utilize their smartphones and tablets on the district’s network by following the instructions below.

Note that personal device usage is subject to the default filtering policy. Along with CIPA-required content, streaming audio and video and social media are also blocked. Bandwidth is also limited.

Connecting to the Guest WiFi

To use the district network with your personal device you need to connect to the “GBTPS Guest” WiFi network. There is no password. Note that you may receive a security warning because the network has no login requirement. You may safely ignore this.

Adding the iBoss SSL Certificate

Connecting to the network will allow access to websites, but users also need to install the district’s web filter security certificate to access encrypted HTTPS sites (which includes most search engines, such as Google). This is a one-time setup. Please follow the instructions below:

MacOS and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Click the link below to download the iBoss web filter configuration profile. Click through all screens to accept/install. After the profile is installed, your setup is complete.

iBoss Configuration Profile

Android and Windows


Download the file below. After downloading, open the file and you will be given a prompt to name the certificate (just enter “gbtps”) and an option to use the certificate for “VPN and Apps” or “WiFi”. Select the “VPN and Apps” option. Note that you may get an error notification that says something about a “third party” accessing your web traffic. That is the web filter, which will parse web traffic to ensure it complies with district policies.

iBoss Certificate File


Download the below file. Unzip it. Double-click to install as a System certificate and place it in the Trusted Root Certificates store.

iboss.gbtps.local.crt (zipped)

Note that adding the above certificate will not adversely affect any other WiFi connections you may have setup on your phone. It only serves to allow secure browsing from the district’s network. After the certificate is installed, your setup is complete.