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Important Information About School Notifications


Preparing for Calls from the School

The district’s communication tool, Parent Square, is tied into the Genesis student information system. It is important that the district has current and correct phone and email information to successfully reach parents and guardians. You can use the tips below to verify that your contact information is up-to-date in ParentSquare.

Important things for parents to know:

  • When the district contacts you through ParentSquare, depending on the type of alert and your preferences, you will receive an email, phone call, and/or text. Additionally, if you installed the ParentSquare app on your phone, you will receive a notification there.
  • The district will also post closing information on the school website, Facebook, and Twitter feeds.
  • The system will call/text a single phone number for each guardian. This will typically be the mobile number. Should there not be a mobile number in a guardian record, the system will call a landline.
  • You can verify your contact information in ParentSquare by logging in (either via the app or at www.parentsquare.com) and clicking on your name/icon to go to My Account. Your email and number that ParentSquare will contact are shown here (redacted in the screenshot).
  • If you need to immediately change contact information, please email parenthelp@gbtps.org. Include your name, child’s name, and contact information you wish updated.
  • You can also manage your contact information via the Genesis Parent Portal, or by contacting the school’s front office, though that takes 24 hours to sync.
  • Calls will come from one of the following numbers: 732-968-1171 (district number, used for closings/emergencies), 732-968-1051 (GBMS), 732-968-1052 (IEF). We recommend you add these numbers as contacts and “favorite” them on your smartphone.
  • You can opt into text messages. To do so., Log in to ParentSquare and click on your name/icon to go to My Account. In Notification Setting, click Change this and you can decide how and when to receive notifications. Note that by default “Text” is off (legally, users have to opt-in to texting). Note that even if you select “Digest”, alerts (such as school closing calls) will be received instantly.

If you have any other questions, please email parenthelp@gbtps.org.