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GBMS Artwork at the Center for Contemporary Art

ART colored in Red, Blue, and Green

The month of March is Youth Art Month (YAM) in New Jersey.  Selected artwork from students from every county are displayed at different galleries and museums across New Jersey. The theme this year was, Building Community Through Art.  Artwork from the following GBMS students was exhibited at the Center for Contemporary Art in Bedminster.

Oskar Gaebel Artwork
Oskar Gaebel
Jason Wu Artwork
Jason Wu
Mia Hionis Artwork
Mia Hionis
Elaina Gaito Artwork
Elaina Gaito
June Yin Artwork
June Yin
Jordan Pincus Artwork
Jordan Pincus
Sydney Zeszotarski Artwork
Sydney Zeszotarski
Gabriella Yanes Artwork
Gabriella Yanes
Grace Wang Artwork
Grace Wang
Suki Chen Artwork
Suki Chen
Alexa Battaglia Artwork
Alexa Battaglia
Savannah Murphy Artwork
Savannah Murphy
Valeria Mesa Artwork
Valeria Mesa
Gabriel Zhao Artwork
Gabriel Zhao
Angela Sun Artwork
Angela Sun