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Cast List for The Election

Callbacks for The Election

Green Brook Play FAQ 2019


To buy tickets (online) for this play, please visit:
If you’d rather buy at the door, please email walzaher@gbtps.org prior to arrival to see if tickets are still available. This is only necessary the day of or day before the play.
Enjoy the show!

Costumes for The Election

What to get?:

Coming Soon!


Below are some pictures and a few descriptions. You don’t have to match each characters costume EXACTLY, but it should match the style. The goal is that no clothing sticks out as modern. Use the pictures below as guidelines while you search for a costume that will work for your character.

General Ensemble Costumes (if you’re character is now listed specifically for a different costume, these are the types of costumes you’re going to get):

Where to go?:

There are lots of places parents have success getting their child’s costumes from. I’ve seen a lot of great costumes come out of second-hand stores like Goodwill, garage sales, and grandma’s attic. Some parents prefer to look online and others like to find costume rental shops near by. Since we live so close to NYC, there’s actually a lot of places you can contact to rent costumes in and near the city. These can be found with a simple google search but I can send you a link if you need it. If you do happen to be at a Goodwill or other second hand store/garage sale and see multiple 19th century costumes, it’s always a good idea to contact other parents that you know to make them aware and send them some pics if possible.


I’d like all costumes to be ordered or bought by no later than November 7th so you have time to make adjustments/changes or send it back if needed.

Before you purchase a costume (if possible) email me a picture of it. If you can put it on your child so I can see how they look in it, even better, if not just send me a picture of what the attire looks like so I can approve it. Feel free to ask questions! I’m here to help. Be as creative as you want within the specified guidelines.

Here’s some pictures to help with your search: (Available soon)