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2013-18 School District Strategic Action Plan

During the Board of Education Business Meeting held on March 24, 2014, the Green Brook BOE unanimously approved the 2013-18 School District Strategic Action Plan.Prior to approving the plan, Gwen Thornton, the district’s field representative from New Jersey School Boards Association and Mr. Lamberti, Principal at the Irene E. Feldkirchner Elementary School made a brief presentation to the Board and public. Throughout the two year process of developing this vital document, Ms. Thornton served as the External Coordinator of the project, while Mr. Lamberti served as the Internal Coordinator.

As Ms. Thornton noted in her presentation, the Board approved for her to begin this process in the fall of 2012. After a year of planning, the district launched the collaborative development of the Plan a year later with a Staff Kick-Off Meeting on September 3rd and a Community Kick-Off on September 9th. In all, over 70 members of the community volunteered to participate in some capacity. Of those people, two thirds were placed on either the State of the Schools or State of the Community Committees. These committees were responsible for identifying strengths, areas of concern, helping and hindering factors in the schools or Green Brook Community and for developing a formal report on such a presenting it to the Planning Committee during the weekend planning conference that took place on November 15-16th.

During the planning conference, the participants used that information to revise the mission of the district and to develop its new vision: “Achievement, Empowerment,Inspiration, Opportunity and Unity for Every Child”. In addition, the members of the Planning Committee identified several goals within the following areas: Teaching and Learning, Finance, Community Involvement, and School Climate and Culture. In December, members of the Action Plan Committee met and got started on developing action plans, as well as a risk/benefit analysis for each goal. The committee met again on January 13th to put the finishing touches on their plans. Finally, on February 28th the entire Planning committee met one last plan to formally review and approve the plans for submission to the Board of Education for potential adoption. Below please find the report in its entirety.

GBTPS 2013-18 Strategic Action Plan