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4th Grade Parents – Middle School Course Registration


Middle School Orientation

For those parents who missed the orientation last Thursday, here is a abbreviated recap.


Please read carefully before registering for courses at the bottom of this page.  You are registering for Related Arts and for Enrichment courses next year.  Registration is now open.  DEADLINE for registration is Friday, June 8th at 9:00 PM.


  1. View RELATED ARTS (Electives) Catalog – CLICK – Related Arts Course Descriptions 2018-2019
  2. View Enrichment CatalogCLICK – Enrichment Course Catalog 2018-2019     Please decide on choices before going to the registration page.  Choose carefully. All registrations are recorded accurately.
  3. REGISTER – Click on Registration LINK at the end.

FIRST – Related Arts Course Registration

Registration for 5th grade is simple.

  1. World Language and Physical Education (PE) are full year courses that meet every other day.
  2. Art and Global Studies are semester courses that all 5th graders take.
  3. 6th graders can choose two (2) year-long courses – Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Performing Arts, and Information/Communication Technology (ICT). Band and Orchestra have additional rehearsal times – Mornings and during Personal Growth Cycle (PGC).


SECOND – PGC Enrichment Registration

In addition to the robust Related Arts offerings at GBMS, we have expanded our Enrichment Course offerings.

To clarify the difference between Related Arts and Enrichment – Related Arts are scheduled courses with BOE approved curriculum.  Enrichment courses are courses that teachers create and plan based on their interests and passions.

Related Arts courses meet every other day and for the same amount of minutes (52 minutes) as Core Courses.  Enrichment Courses meet 40 minutes:

  • 5th/6th Grades – Tuesday and Thursdays
  • 7th/8th Grades – Monday, Wednesday, Fridays

Enrichment Courses are offered in four (4) sessions – each Marking Period.  This will allow students more choice from an expanded catalog.  The catalog is divided into two sections – 5th/6th graders and 7th/8th graders.

NOTE:  When reviewing the catalog, please pay close attention to grade levels.  All courses may run all four (4) Marking Periods unless indicated otherwise.  

Students may not get the courses they request for the following reasons: (1) course canceled due to low enrollment; (2) conflict with other requests; (3) course is closed (priority given to upper grades); (4) DID NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

This year, students will select courses for the FIRST semester (SECOND semester selections will take place in December).  Students will be required to select 6 courses (First 2 choices and 4 BACKUP choices).  Course requests are NOT “First Come, First Serve” SO there is NO RUSH.  However, there is a deadline to registration so that the scheduling process can begin.

Students who miss the window can make their choices at the BEGINNING OF THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR.  Changes to requests will also be addressed at the BEGINNING OF THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR.


Please decide on choices before going to the registration page.  Choose carefully. All registrations are recorded accurately.

NOT all courses are available each Marking Period. Some courses require participation for more than one Marking Period.

IMPORTANT – Students can edit their responses after submitting. If a registration is submitted again, ONLY the most recent submission will be considered.


  1. Please make sure you have made your decisions before proceeding.
  2.  INCOMING 5th Grade – CLICK to register.